Collapsing Time, Folding Space
Short essay written for A*Desk, Critical Thinking magazine, on the materiality of memory
A Memorial to the Pandemic
A conversation Patricia Eunji Kim (NYU; Monument Lab) moderated by Marianne Hirsch (Columbia).
Transitional Justice & Memorialization
A conversation with University of Connecticut's Robin Adéle Greeley (Symbolic Reparations Research Project) and Michael Orwicz (Human Rights Institute). Sergio spoke on the role of architecture in developing processes of memorialization for victims of mass human rights abuse.
Seismographic Memory
Dissertation for the MA Research Architecture program, completed with distinction at Goldsmiths, University of London
Resonant Collapses
An investigation that articulates tectonics, desiccation, and regulation to inquire the politics of seismic destruction.
2020 Monument Lab Transnational Fellow
Memory Studies Association 2019
Presentation during International Annual Conference of the MSA
This is my Bachelor's Thesis, a dissertation on the design of memory throughout the past 5 centuries and where we should head in this 21st Century
ACT 2018
Sergio held a talk about Memorials and Forensic Architecture at the International Science, Arts and Technology Conference for the Mexican Secretary of Culture.
Aspen Ideas Festival 2018
Sergio questions a panel on Populism in America about policies regarding Mexico.
Memoria Damnificada
Article written for renowned lifestyle magazine "Gatopardo" explaining the difference between moments and memorials and how this misunderstanding causes problems in public works of architecture, specifically the Earthquake Memorial in Mexico City.
Truth be told, it's hard to explain just what Alterritorios is. There were over 100 participants through 3 years of workshops in Alterritorios. Created with Francisco Erazo, Nuria Benítez, Ismael Rodríguez, Juan Manuel Erazo, and many other collaborators.
Irrestorable - MVT Journal
A critical theory article I wrote, originally published in the online Art & Architectural journal: MVT
Using the same methodology as in Alterritorios, I was invited in summer 2014 to facilitate a workshop in Bandung, Indonesia meant to inspire a group of Indonesian artists, architects, urban designers, product designers (and a writer) to create a memorial in a rapidly gentrifying community.
Arquine: Construir Demoliendo
An article I wrote published in the international Spanish Architecture and Design magazine Arquine
Arte Polis
In summer 2010 and summer 2014 I was invited to speak at the Arte-Polis International Conference on Creative Culture and the Making of Place, hosted by the Technical Institute of Bandung. Thus, with the support of the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I flew across the Pacific as an ambassador to South Asia, speaking of my work as an architect interested in creating alternative design processes to achieve more democratic, critical and diverse architecture.
Throughout the years I have given several conferences at academic settings.
Vaciar y volver a llenar
Article about Mexico's most important public square: the Zócalo.
Nuestros M²
Originally published on online newspaper MásDe131, this article develops a case against a private-publically funded project in Mexico City.
Rayo Gentrificador
Article about gentrification in Mexico City. Originally published on the MásDe131 Newspaper.
Silo de Celuloide
Critical architecture article for the Museum of Film project by Taller de Arquitectura Rocha Carrillo. Originally published in the international magazine Domus
In 2008, a chance meeting embarked me on my first practice as an architect on the field. A group of otomí women, indigenous to a region close to Mexico City, had earned a grant and they had wished to build a Community Center that could harbour their artisanal activities. Throughout the next 2 years, I collaborated with them as we developed a participative process to design and construct the building.
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