Sergio Beltrán-García is aarchitect and activist specialized in the construction of truth, justice, memory, reparation and non-repetition processes in violent contexts. He is also a professional editor, post producer and motion animator who works with high-profile artistic and commercial clients.
He received his Architecture degree with his theoretical thesis “Moyocoyani: The Design of Memory at the Beginning of the 21st Century”, which proposes alternatives for the creation of memorials and public space. 
He currently works with the Mexican Federal Government, directing an ambitious integral reparation process for a case of 106 civilians who were forcibly disappeared by the Mexican army in 1972. From 2013-2016, he assisted the Mexico City Government, NGOs and families of fatal victims on the design and construction of the New’s Divine Memorial as Project Lead Designer, commemorating a tragedy where a politically driven police raid caused the death of 12 underage victims. Since then, he actively works to build memorials along with victims and their families in the cases of Ricardo Cadena, a murdered 16 year-old youth in the Mexican state of Puebla; the ABC Daycare Center, a fire in a state-run nursery with over a hundred victims; and most recently the 19S Memorial, which seeks to empower victims of the 2017 Mexico City earthquakes to stop the local government from imposing an opaque and corrupt design. 
During the emergency of the 2017 Mexico earthquakes, Sergio co-founded Verificado19s, a crowd-sourced fact-checking platform which, in collaboration with over 30 NGOs and over 500 volunteers, organized resources for collapse sites, saving lives in the most critical moments of the natural disaster.
Sergio also practices as a forensic architect, and is currently consulting the femicide of Lesvy Berlín Osorio. He has received the prestigious Chevening Award from the British Government which will allow him to pursue a masters in Forensic Architecture at Goldsmiths University of London, taught by members of the renowned Forensic Architecture agency.
As an audiovisual storyteller and creator, Sergio began his career working exclusively with humanitarian clients, including the International Federation of the Red Cross & Red Crescent and many of its National Societies, as well as with international NGOs, namely Plan International, UN agencies and World Vision. He has then pursued a unique and aesthetic approach with commercial, fiction and documentary clients with global brands with the likes of Perrier, Corona, Gucci and Cartier.
Sergio has been featured frequently in the media speaking out about his creative endeavors, hoping to contribute through design to a more just global community.
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