The Dispersed Memorial V2.0
Work in progress prototyping for the second phase of the Dispersed Memorial Project.
Memory is Multicoloured
Commissioned art piece for the 2022 edition of the Weltoffenes Dresden festival in Germany.
The Dispersed Memorial
An ongoing project that seeks to improve access to the right to memory.
cv19memorial is a digital and transnational space to share experiences of loss during COVID-19.
Memorial to Victims of Forced Disappearance
A commission from Mexican Federal Government to repair human rights violations during Mexican Cold War events in 1972-1976, to be completed in 2020.
Nuestro Memorial 19s
A successful civilian movement made to stop the Mexico City Government from imposing a monument for the 2017 Earthquakes in Mexico City.
The femicide of Lesvy Berlín Rivera
An expert report I made for an ongoing femicide case. Please contact me and ask for the password if you wish to consult the project.
New's Divine Memorial
Completed Public Building Designed in collaboration with families of the victims, the Mexico City Government and its departments, as well as civilian NGO's.
Memorial to the City
Memorials can also be built to prevent tragedies that have not occurred yet. In September 2015, neighbors, citizens and NGO's, created the #AsíNo movement to stop the Mexico City government from privatizing an important avenue.
Ricardo Cadena Memorial
Ricardo was 16 years old when he was murdered point-blank by a police officer. This is an on-going memorial project designed to provide safer spaces for criminalized youth such as Ricardo.
ABC Daycare Memorial
Ongoing Memorial Project Memorial for the ABC DayCare Center tragedy where a fire claimed the lives of 49 infants and left many more gravely injured.
Memorial to the Victims of Violence
A counter-proposal for the terribly planned project of the Memorial for the Victims of (State) Violence in Mexico. Made in collaboration with Francisco Erazo and Nuria Benítez.
An ongoing research project that aims to build simple memorials and monuments in public space in order to demonstrate the difference between both.
Memorials for the Future
HAVEN radically liberates public spaces currently occupied by monuments which express expired identities that do not reflect the communities in which they are located.
Berlin is a Green Monster
Design for a nigthclub that transforms human waste into vegetation, kinetic energy from dancing into electricity and sweat into a central heating system.
Vegetal Neuron
Design for an Institution for Architecture Investigation to be built on the UNESCO World Heritage site of the UNAM Campus. The concept behind id to hide the investigator's working spaces in a mesh of plant pods that create a lush canopy.
A selection of my academic architectural design projects from 2007-2011
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