In this video-essay, Sergio Beltrán-García shares a fragment of the LiDAR (Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging) spatial registry of the site where Lesvy Berlín Rivera Osorio was deprived of her life for gender reasons, a material that contributed to the collective counter-investigative effort #JusticiaParaLesvy. 
Revealing mechanisms of concealment that participated in the forensic investigation of the prosecutors' offices, the project explores the complex web of what is visible under the optical, algorithmic and judicial regimes that are under the control of the State. Thus, this careful analysis of the spectrum of vision proves to be an important strategy for the pursuit of justice and highlights the legislative and computational involvement in the alteration of public truth.
Original title in Spanish: "Fijación de la escena", 1 channel video, 2022
Exhibited at: 
     - February 2022: Distant Gallery
     - Upcoming in September 2022: Centro de Cultura Digital, Mexico City
    Special thanks to Federico Pérez Villoro and Doreen Ríos for their curation and guidance.
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