A cross section showing the main structure of the building: echoing the modernist steel frames of the UNAM Campus, as well as the hung investigation glass cubicles, covered by an intricate mesh of vegetation pods.

A diagram showing the intended connections between the modernist Faculty of Architecture building, along with preexisting structures, and the proposed Institute for Architectural Investigation.

Architectural plans and section of the design.

The intended vegetational and material palette, using the UNAM Campus' native volcanic landscape flora, which is a protected national park.

Master plan for the Institute for Architectural Investigations. The plan revitalizes preexisting rooftop areas of the UNESCO protected Campus, and reconnects several areas, thus creating constant friction between undergraduate and graduate students, recovering the lost interactions between visitors that the original UNAM Campus design sponsored.

Details: On the left, the vegetal mesh that would create a canopy that would hide the new Institution among the preexisting landscape of trees.On the right, suggested half-tone printed patterns to give privacy to the investigators in their suspended glass cubicles.

A cross-section render of the center for investigations, showing how the design's vegetal mesh could blend into the foliage of pre-existing trees.

A series of perspectives showing the spatial qualities of how the suspended glass cubicles, bridges and vegetal mesh would filter light. and provide comfortable places to study, investigate and socialize.
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